10 years with NDS

The talent development scheme New Danish Screen has been in existence for 10 years. The Danish Film Institute celebrates the anniversary with a special edition of DFI-FILM which includes more than 50 films made available to an international audience.

Established in 2003, New Danish Screen is a talent development subsidy scheme providing support for fiction and documentary films.

Through this support scheme new generations of filmmakers are given the opportunity to push their limits and create new experiences for cinema and television audiences. New Danish Screen aims at making use of the energies and skills of talented creators, rather than guiding them in well-defined directions.

New Danish Screen is aimed at new talents working on the professional level as well as less experienced filmmakers. What counts is enabling manifested talents to develop, test out new ideas or change course since their past productions.

New Danish Screen is founded on a partnership between the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR, TV 2 and the Danish Film Institute.