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Anders Østergaard, Erzsébet Rácz, Denmark, 2014

90 min.DK/Documentary

1989 wins Prix Italia

25. sep 2015 | DOC AWARD. "1989," about a decisive moment in European history, picked up the TV doc award at Thursday's Prix Italia.

Danish films at Sundance, Göteborg and Rotterdam

21. jan 2015 | FESTIVALS. Danish films are well represented at both Sundance and the film festivals in Göteborg and Rotterdam. Read on for an overview of the new Danish films traversing the festival circuit.

The Man Who Tore a Hole in the Iron Curtain

06. nov 2014 | INTERVIEW. The director of "Burma VJ" and his Hungarian co-director, Erzsébet Rácz, have made a film about the fall of the Berlin Wall starring a forgotten hero. Marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the

"1989" opens CPH:DOX 2014

10. oct 2014. CPH:DOX 2014. Scandinavia's largest documentary film festival has revealed 12 titles in their main competition section, the DOX:AWARD, including the two Danish films "The Look of Silence" and "1989"

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Anders Østergaard (Tintin and Me and Oscar nominee Burma VJ) and co-director Erzsébet Rácz recreate the events of 1989 using archival footage and placing them in new contexts.

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DANISH RELEASE - 05.11.2014

90 min.

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Miklós Németh, Gundula Schafitel, Uta Koch, Mathias Rössler, Reinhard Schmied, Sándor Okányi, Erika Okányi

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