FILM Digital Issue

FILM Digital Issue is the online edition of the Danish Film Institute’s magazine FILM, issued prior to the festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Amsterdam with selected articles from the printed magazine, a film catalogue including trailers and useful information about people and companies. In addition, FILM Digital Issue is issued as a stand-alone magazine on other special occasions, such as our Fall Issue in August.
Danish Film Institute
Gothersgade 55
DK-1123 Copenhagen K
T +45 3374 3400
The Danish Film Institute is the national agency that supports and encourages Danish film and cinema culture. See more at
Editorial team
Susanna Neimann
Annemarie Hørsman
Lea Mosegaard
Lars Fiil-Jensen
Glen Garner
Rasmus Koch Studio
Pernille Volder Lund
Rasmus Koch Studio
Jan Fredslund
Kåre Moll Christiansen

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