Belinda Beautiful -
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Belinda Beautiful

Belinda, 14, is not like other girls. She is neither beautiful nor good at sports, and she has never been kissed. She did kiss her only friend Frederic once, in the storage room at the diner where she works. But he is only 10 and she sort of forced him. In one aspect though, Belinda is just like any other teenager: Her hormones are raging. Frederic doesn't quite get her. He is only interested in dissecting and frying insects and dead animals. So when Belinda falls head over heels in love with her handball coach, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Belinda Beautiful
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RUNNING TIME - 23 min.
DIRECTOR - Marianne Blicher
SCREENPLAY - Rasmus Birch
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PRODUCER - Eva Jakobsen
PRODUCTION - Nimbus Film
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Nimbus Film / Hauchsvej 17 / DK-1825 Frederiksberg C / t +45 3634 0910 / f +45 3634 0911 / /