A caretaker's tale -
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A Caretaker’s Tale

Per is a harsh and bitter caretaker with a lowlife son who just got out of prison and two pathetic friends he bosses around. One day he discovers a young beautiful woman lying naked in an empty apartment, wrapped in a curtain. Apparently she's up for grabs. The girl is happy and willing - almost like a gift from above. Per brings her home to his own apartment and her innocence awakens something new in him and his friends - love perhaps?

Second Feature
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STATUS - Released
RUNNING TIME - 85 min.
DIRECTOR - Katrine Wiedemann
SCREENPLAY - Kim Fupz Aakeson
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PRODUCER - Ib Tardini, Vinca Wiedemann
PRODUCTION - Zentropa Entertainments
INTERNATIONAL SALES - TrustNordisk / Filmbyen 22 / DK-2650 Hvidovre / t +45 3686 8788 / f +45 3677 4448 / info@trustnordisk.com / www.trustnordisk.com