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A film about a boy from a small town who has never kissed a girl. One day he and his friends decide to go to the big city to see if they have more luck with girls there, but once in the city the boys get much more than they bargained for.

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RUNNING TIME - 20 min.
DIRECTOR - Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
SCREENPLAY - Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
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PRODUCER - Anton Máni Svansson, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, Darin Mailand-Mercado, Jacob Oliver Krarup
PRODUCTION - Fourhands Film, Fræ Films
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Fourhands Film ApS / Kong Georgs Vej 12, 2. / DK-2000 Frederiksberg / t +45 2629 8389 / /