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Father of Four – at Sea

The Father of four-family is preparing for the wedding of Søs and Peter. The house is upside down with preparations and in the middle of all that the family all of a sudden has to arrange a trip to Funen to help Peter's fosterdad, Skipper. His training ship, Valborg, has over time given many orphaned boys a good start in life. But now the ship is falling apart and can only be saved if Skipper wins first prize in the yearly regatta for old wooden ships in the waters around Funen.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Far til fire - til søs
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STATUS - Released
RUNNING TIME - 80 min.
DIRECTOR - Claus Bjerre
SCREENPLAY - Claus Bjerre, Anton Carey Bidstrup
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PRODUCER - Henrik Møller-Sørensen
PRODUCTION - ASA Film Production

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