Killing Stranger -
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Killing Strangers

Through a series of casting sessions, reconstructions and improvised scenes the film tells the story of three young men who in vain try to join the Mexican revolution in 1910, and get lost in the desert north of Mexico. On their journey, they face each other's fears, their unrealistic dreams and hopes, and, not least, today's stereotypical depiction of Mexico's revolutionary past.

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ORIGINAL TITLE - Matar Extraños
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DANISH RELEASE - [wpws url="" selector=".domesticrelease" user_agent="My Bot" on_error="error_show"]2013


DIRECTOR - Jacob Schulsinger, Nicolas Pereda
SCREENPLAY - Jacob Schulsinger, Nicolas Pereda
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PRODUCER - Sandra Gomez, Maximilliano Cruz, Jacob Schulsinger, Nicolas Pereda
PRODUCTION - Secher & Schulsinger, DOX:LAB, Interior13 Cine, Secher & Schulsinger, Interior13
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Secher & Schulsinger