My Sister's Kids in Africa -
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My African Adventure

The Berg family wins a journey to Africa. The kids insist on going to Africa to participate in charitable work with endangered animals. Since neither of the parents has time to go with them, they persuade their Uncle Eric to go instead. In Africa they live on a farm that doubles as a veterinarian hospital and a hotel. Uncle Eric and the kids are surprised to find that Mrs Flinth, their harsh neighbour from Denmark, is also staying at the farm with her young niece Julie. As the adults and the kids leave the farm to go camping on the savannah, Mrs Flinth is kidnapped by poachers. Uncle Eric and kids go after the poachers in an action-packed car chase through the African savannah to rescue Mrs Flinth and the stolen animals.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Min søsters børn i Afrika
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STATUS - Released
RUNNING TIME - 85 min.
DIRECTOR - Martin Miehe-Renard
SCREENPLAY - Martin Miehe-Renard, Michael Obel
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PRODUCER - Michael Obel
INTERNATIONAL SALES - LevelK / Gammel Kongevej 137 / Over gården, 3. / DK-1850 Frederiksberg C / t +45 4844 3072 / /