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The Act of Killing

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Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark, 2012

117 min.DK/Documentary

Danish film history: 2010-2019

Biopics and period dramas are trending, as the gender debate rages onscreen and in the film industry. Folk comedies are alive and kicking, Jussi Adler crime films are packing cinemas, while the

We Learn So Much by Moving into New Fields

08. nov 2017 | PROFILE. Films by Joshua Oppenheimer, Camilla Nielsson and Christy Garland as well as a pair of VR projects are in the pipeline at Final Cut for Real, where the producers stay sharp by always trying out new

Jørgen Leth and Danish Documentaries to IDFA

10. oct 2017 | IDFA. Simon Lereng Wilmont's "The Distant Barking of Dogs" is world-premiering at IDFA, which has invited a wide range of Danish films and filmmakers to this 30th anniversary edition, including renowned

Awards Season for The Look of Silence

26. feb 2016 | AWARDS SEASON. "The Look of Silence" is nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. See the honours that Joshua Oppenheimer's gripping film has been awarded during Awards Season, culmitating with the

Not enough hours in the day for us to talk

09. feb 2016 | INTERVIEW. It has been nearly 10 years since producer Signe Byrge Sørensen first hooked up with director Joshua Oppenheimer and one of the most fruitful cinematic partnerships of the new millennium took root.

"Reaction Has Been Very Deep"

23. jun 2015 | INTERVIEW. "The Look of Silence," produced by Danish company Final Cut for Real, is currently playing in UK cinemas and opens in the US in July. We caught up with Joshua Oppenheimer who tells about highlights

Revealing the fiction of our reality

21. feb 2015. Joshua Oppenheimer reflects on what the process of making The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence has taught him, and how he sees his role as documentary filmmaker today.

The Look of Silence in Indonesia on Human Rights Day

11. dec 2014 | INDONESIAN RELEASE. "The Look of Silence" premiered last month in Indonesia, and Joshua Oppenheimer's film also had a highly symbolic screening on 10 December.

Overview of the 15 Danish films at IDFA

19. nov 2014 | IDFA. The world's biggest documentary film festival, IDFA in Amsterdam, has a record-breaking 15 Danish films lined up for this year's edition, including a world premiere of "Something Better to Come"

Danish Doc Award to Act of Killing Producer

26. aug 2014 | ROOS AWARD. Walking the red carpet in Hollywood was probably the last thing on Signe Byrge Sørensen’s mind when she started grappling with the 1000 hours of footage that would eventually become "The Act of

Making Connections

28. feb 2014 | THE OSCARS. Final Cut for Real, the company behind Joshua Oppenheimer's multi-award-winning and Oscar-nominated "The Act of Killing", has a partiality for documentaries that shake our worldview.

The Act of Killing wins BAFTA award

18. feb 2014 | AWARD. With less than two weeks until the Oscars, Britain's BAFTAs brought yet another accolade to Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing".

Two Danish Films honoured at European Film Awards

09. dec 2013 | EFA 2013. Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" won the European Documentary award, while "Love Is All You Need" by Susanne Bier was named European Comedy of the year at the European Film Awards in Berlin

The Act of Killing on Oscar shortlist

04. dec 2013 | OSCAR SHORTLIST. Accolades have rained down on Joshua Oppenheimer's Danish-produced "The Act of Killing". Now the film is one of 15 titles selected for the Oscar shortlist in the Documentary Feature category.

Indonesians are Coming to Grips with Their Past

02. dec 2013 | FOCUS. Since its premiere, "The Act of Killing" has shaken audiences worldwide. But it has had a different effect on Indonesians: It says out loud what everyone knows but has been afraid to talk about for

The Act of Killing makes an impact

14. nov 2013 | AWARD. "Its brave brilliance has already led to tremendous impact, almost single-handedly opening the painful dialogue on Indonesia’s genocide". Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" wins the PUMA

Who gets to define the past?

06. sep 2013 | EXHIBITION. War crimes are defined by the winners, says one of the characters in "The Act of Killing". Joshua Oppenheimer's groundbreaking film about Indonesia's 1965-66 genocide is juxtaposed with Danish WWII

Three films on Oscar shortlist

15. aug 2013 | OSCAR 2014. "The Hunt", "The Act of Killing" and "Northwest" are shortlisted for the title as Denmark's Foreign Language film. The final candidate is expected to be announced on 26 September.

Indie picks for the summer

05. jul 2013 | US RELEASES. Judging by the latest UK ratings, Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" still leaves no critic unaffected. To be released in the US on 19 July, the film is one of four Danish-produced titles on

The Act of Killing wins Burma award

20. jun 2013 | AWARD. Joshua Oppenheimer receives the prestigious Aung San Suu Kyi Award for his documentary about the 1965-66 genocide in Indonesia. "A cinematic masterwork, filled with multiple levels of humour,

Dynamic doc powerhouse

11. jun 2013 | PROFILE. Final Cut for Real is busy touring the A festival circuit with Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing", along with other visionary docs. Right now the Sydney Film Festival is showcasing four of

Scenes of the Crimes

31. jan 2013. Joshua Oppenheimer's widely acclaimed, Danish-produced The Act of Killing draws its power from the director's daring choice of perspective. Rather than make a film about the victims of Indonesia's

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