The ones you love -
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The Ones You Love

Lisa, 32, lives in Copenhagen with her husband and toddler. Her teenage son Victor lives in Sweden with his father. Lisa visits Victor once a month. She would like him to come and live with her and her husband, but since she was the one to leave many years ago the situation is somewhat delicate. It gets even more complicated when Lisa and Victor stay at his grandmother Anita's guesthouse.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Dem man elsker
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DANISH RELEASE - 26.09.2012
RUNNING TIME - 19 min.
DIRECTOR - Malou Reymann
SCREENPLAY - Malou Reymann
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PRODUCER - Line Sander Egede
PRODUCTION - Monday Production
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Monday Production ApS / Vermundsgade 40 A, 5. / DK-2100 København Ø / t +45 3916 6000 / /