Von Trier's erotic epic is created within a Danish tradition of freedom of expression.
Official Programme / Out of Competition
Someone You Love
Pernille Fischer Christensen is the uncrowned queen of the intimate story.
Berlinale Special Gala
The Contest
A friendship develops despite cultural differences in Martin Miehe-Renard's children's film.
Berlin Generation Kplus
Down the Rabbit Hole
Swedish-Danish Beyond Beyond brings us an enchanting animal fable by long-running partners Esben Toft Jacobsen and screenwriter Jannik Tai Mosholt.
Mornings with von Trier
Vinca Wiedemann combined the roles of scribe, inspiration and editor when she and Lars von Trier collaborated on the director's script for Nymphomaniac.
The Soul of Architecture
Six directors, among them Wim Wenders, Robert Redford and Michael Madsen, present their takes on architectural space in Cathedrals of Culture.
No Ordinary Dane
This year, Serbian-born actress Danica Curcic is starring in no less than four features. Curcic is one of the European Shooting Stars to be promoted during the Berlinale.
Of Puppies and Men
Kristoffer Kiørboe's short film Son is a low-key story about self-absorbed grownups and a boy saddled with more responsibility than he can bear.