Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury
The young superhero returns as a teenager in Ask Hasselbalch's darker sequel.
Generation Kplus / Berlinale
Mini and the Mozzies
Jannik Hastrup and Flemming Quist Møller take us on another animated adventure.
Generation Kplus / Berlinale
Fassbinder – To Love without Demands
Christian Braad Thomsen reveals unpublished interview with his friend Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
Panorama Dokumente / Berlinale
Jannik Splidsboel's documentary follows three LGBT teenagers struggling to be accepted 
in a conservative community.
Dokumente / Berlinale
Growing up on a Refugee Ship
BERLIN. Vladimir Tomic's Flotel Europa is a personal documentary about life on a refugee ship.
When Reality Cracks
BERLIN. Vibeke Bryld's Pebbles at Your Door tells of a North Korean woman's rude awakening.
Revealing the Fiction of Our Reality
BERLIN. Joshua Oppenheimer reflects on how he sees his role as a documentary filmmaker.
Nordic Twilight and Financial Crisis Crank up the Drama
BERLIN. Heartless and Follow the Money continue Denmark's strong tradition in TV drama, with a dark twist.
Foods for the Future – and Noma, too
BERLIN. Phie Ambo's portrays biodynamic farmer Niels Stokholm in Good Things Await.
Acting Is the Ultimate Freedom
BERLIN. Shooting Star Joachim Fjelstrup landed the starring role in Itsi Bitsi straight out of acting school.
No Age Limit on Desire
ROTTERDAM & GÖTEBORG. Reality still rules in Michael Noer's depiction of life and love at a nursing home.
United in Death
ROTTERDAM & GÖTEBORG. Jeppe Rønde's Bridgend is based on a real-life wave of teen suicides.
Travelling with a Dead Man
GÖTEBORG. Samanou Achete Sahlstrøm's In Your Arms takes us on a man's final journey.
The Human Journey into Outer and Inner Space
SUNDANCE. Michael Madsen's documentary The Visit investigates the possible reality of an alien invasion.