Cartoon Movie Lineup
Ten Danish films and co-productions are selected for Cartoon Movie in Lyon.
Overview Cartoon Movie 2013
Greek mythology and Nordic fables inspire the director of Beyond Beyond.
Director Cartoon Movie 2013
Master of the pitch
Thomas Borch Nielsen is known as master of the pitch. Meet the producer of company Nice Ninja.
Producer Cartoon Movie 2013
A modern house of stories
Copenhagen Bombay likes to do its own thing. Create quirky universes. Wager on new talent. Insist that children and teens are entitled to quality films. A talk with owner and CEO Sarita Christensen.
FAQ: A few guidelines to co-producing
What kind of funding is available in Denmark for co-productions, and how do I find a Danish co-producer? A few straight answers from the Danish Film Institute's international producer Noemi Ferrer Schwenk.
Denmark’s latest crop of digital games runs the range from dances of death and Broadway-loving gents to digital spin the bottle, space soldiers and brutal gladiator battles.
Focus on trans-media
Trans-media and cross-media have been around for decades but have never been surrounded by so much attention as now. In this development, the film industry is central. A look at current Danish trans-media initiatives.
Nurturing talent in animation and cross-media
Danish animation holds a strong card internationally. The positive trend comes largely thanks to a talent-mass nurtured at the two schools for animation education.