Damn Girl -
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Damn Girl

A coming-of-age story about a 12-year-old girl who has a hard time dealing with being female. She has built her own boyish universe in which she paints graffiti and roams around with her male friends. Aggressively she struggles to keep her emotions and her budding sexuality at a distance. Her best friend challenges her and that makes her go to even further extremes to keep her emotions at bay. She fights hard to sustain her position in the hierarchy amongst her homies. The accompanying music video "A Long Time Ago" with music by Malk de Koijn won awards in Honolulu and Vancouver.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Fucking tøs
CATEGORY - [wpws url="http://www.dfi.dk/faktaomfilm/film/en/78403.aspx?id=78403?id=78403&p=1&content=basicinfo" selector=".category:eq(0)" user_agent="My Bot" on_error="error_show" clear_regex="/^DK./"][wpws url="http://www.dfi.dk/faktaomfilm/film/en/78403.aspx?id=78403?id=78403&p=1&content=basicinfo" selector=".category:gt(0)" user_agent="My Bot" on_error="error_show"]
RUNNING TIME - 13 min.
DIRECTOR - Kira Richards Hansen
SCREENPLAY - Signe Søby Bech
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PRODUCER - Pelle Folmer
PRODUCTION - Firelane Motion Pictures

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