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Dreaming of a Family

Per is part of a father's group for disadvantaged single dads at the social services department. Per has been drinking and smoking hash for a lifetime, but is now clean in his seventh year. His eight-year-old daughter Ilse has been placed in a foster home and Per's big wish is to reunite Ilse with her mother, Christina, who she hasn't seen since she was around six months old. Like Per, Christina has been a long-time substance abuser. The documentary tracks the little family and the ups and downs of their journey together. It's hard for an eight-year-old to relate to a new family. And it's hard for two people who have barely been able to take care of themselves to take care of a small child.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Drømmen om en familie
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RUNNING TIME - 87 min.
DIRECTOR - Mira Jargil
PRODUCER - Mette Heide
PRODUCTION - Plus Pictures Aps
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Plus Pictures ApS / Vester Voldgade 83, 1. / DK-1552 København V / t +45 3311 1210 / f +45 3311 1221 / info@pluspictures.dk / www.pluspictures.dk