ORIGINAL TITLE - Alt er relativt
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RUNNING TIME - 75 min.
DIRECTOR - Mikala Krogh
SCREENPLAY - Mogens Rukov, Michael Krogh
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PRODUCER - Christian Rank
PRODUCTION - Tju-Bang Film

SF Film Production ApS / Wildersgade 8 / DK-1408 København K / t +45 3527 0080 / assistent@sf-filmproduction.dk  

Everything is Relative
Alt er relativt

Do we all harbour the same feelings of sorrow, happiness, anger and love? Is the road to happiness always equally winding or straight? Do we love and hate with the same zeal? Does a young woman with breast cancer feel the same pain as a family from Mozambique loosing their home in a flood? Does a modern slave from Bangladesh working in Dubai feel the same fear as a US soldier going to Iraq? Are our values, dreams and hopes basically the same, merely mirroring our different lifestyles? "Everything is Relative" is a kaleidoscopic fusion of documentary sequences, archive material and tableau's of human beings. It seeks to portray how our reactions to challenges in life are relative to the conditions that guide our individual lives.