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Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands

Danish film director Christian Braad Thomsen was a close friend of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-82). They met when Fassbinder showed his first film "Love is colder than death" at the Berlinale 1969 and saw each other for the last time just three weeks before he died. This documentary is based on lengthy film interviews that Braad Thomsen shot with Fassbinder in the 1970's, and which have never been published.

Director, writer, producer and film distributor Christian Braad Thomsen has established himself as an incisive culture critic and film writer as well as a passionate defender of arthouse cinema. His artistic and ideological orientation is reflected in his books on Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alfred Hitchcock and the French New Wave directors. Films include Dear Irene (1971), Ladies on the Rocks (1983), Karen Blixen – Storyteller (1995) and Blues for Montmartre (2011).

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ORIGINAL TITLE - Fassbinder - at elske uden at kræve
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RUNNING TIME - 105 min.
DIRECTOR - Christian Braad Thomsen
SCREENPLAY - Christian Braad Thomsen
APPEARANCES - Error parsing: Query returned empty response Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Irm Hermann, Harry Bär, Lilo Pempeit (see all)
PRODUCER - Christian Braad Thomsen
PRODUCTION - Kollektiv Film
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Christian Braad Thomsen / Lavendelstræde 9 / DK-1462 København K / t +45 2178 0478 / braadthomsen@gmail.com / www.braadthomsen.com