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Future Road

When Ulrik is 33 years old, his mother suddenly passes away after a failed knee surgery and his world collapses. His father starts spending money he does not have, seeks out hookers and ends up hugely in debt and therefore loses Ulrik's childhood home. Ulrik desperately crosses the lines of decency and politeness as he tries to prevent his father from going on date sites and sending money to fictional women in need. How much can a son stand before he ends up as his own dad's dad? And - what is it Ulrik is so afraid of?

The film, mixing archival material with new footage, is the director’s first creative documentary. Gutt-Nielsen has previously worked as a producer and concept developer for television. Future Road premiered at CPH:DOX.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Fremtidsvej
CATEGORY - Documentary
DANISH RELEASE - 05.11.2015

59 min.

DIRECTOR - Ulrik E. E. Gutt-Nielsen

Ulrik E. E. Gutt-Nielsen


Katrine Sahlstrøm

PRODUCTION - Good Company Pictures

Good Company Pictures / t +45 6178 1090 / kat@goodcompanypictures.com

AT IDFA 2015