How to Co-produce with Denmark

What kind of funding is available in Denmark for documentary co-productions, and how do I find a Danish co-producer? Here are a few straight answers.

Q: What kind of funding is available in Denmark for documentary co-productions?
A: The Danish Film Institute (DFI) can fund international co-productions of documentaries of any length plus short fiction and trans-media projects that have a non-Danish delegate producer.

Q: What is the purpose of supporting international co-productions?
A: The purpose of funding co-productions is to strengthen partnerships and creative exchange between Danish and international producers. DFI highly values the opportunities that co-producing can provide for the Danish industry (international financing, cultural and business exchange and distribution, etc.).

Q: How many projects can the DFI support?
A: The DFI may support 4-6 minors in short and documentary films a year.

Q: What are the requirements for applying for funding?
A: If you have a project you would like to co-produce with Denmark, the first step is to find a Danish co-producer. The Danish co-producer can then apply to the DFI. Also, there must be Danish creative or technical participation in the production plus a distribution deal for theatrical distribution in Denmark or broadcast on national Danish television or for another approved platform.

Q: When are the deadlines for applying?
A: There are three minor co-production submission deadlines per year. See more at under Funding.

Q: What amounts are we talking about?
A: Documentaries are typically subsidized with grants of up to 55,000 euros. However, there are no fixed budgets and no fixed maximum or minimum grants. Each project is evaluated individually.

Q: How do I find a Danish ­co-producer?
A: These are good places to start: Our online trade directory DFI-Bogen contains contact info on people, companies and institutions in the Danish film industry. You can find the directory in an English version: Also try Filmkontakt Nord who promote international networking in documentary and short filmmaking. The office can give you an idea as to whom it might be interesting to contact: Finally, MEDIA Desk Denmark offers general guidance about the Danish film, TV and game industry. The MEDIA Desk has a large Danish and international network and can mediate contacts to co-production partners:

See more at under Funding.



Ane Mandrup

As head of the Short & -Documentary unit, Ane Mandrup oversees the -Danish Film Institute’s work with international documentary -co-productions. See contact info.