A young girl dreams of becoming an astronaut in Berit Madsen's first feature doc.
Feature-Length Competition / IDFA
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case

Andreas Johnsen offers an inside view of the artist's battle with the authorities.
Feature-Length Competition / IDFA

Just the Right Amount of Violence
Jon Bang Carlsen depicts the loss of love in an arch-American setting.
Reflecting Images: Masters / IDFA
Letting Go of Someone You Love
IDFA. In Carl & Niels, Alexander Lind creates symbolic spaces to visualise the painful recognition by two twins that their childhood symbiosis is lost.
Afghanistan's Dandelion Children
IDFA. Director Jens Pedersen and producer Jakob Gottschau's series Faith Hope Afghanistan follows the struggle of five Afghan children amidst the hardships of war.
Someone to Belong With
IDFA. A girl's relationship to her best friend is at the heart of Ulla Søe and Sussie Weinold's Shanne and Her Friends, a story about creating your identity in the early teens.
Boy in the Dohyo
IDFA. Simon Lereng Wilmont's Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler's Son is a story of a small boy in a tough sport. The film is above all a universal narrative about fathers and sons.
Gifted Idiocy
IDFA. Jesper Jargil's The Humiliated, which records the making of Lars von Trier's Dogme film The Idiots, strips everyone involved bare – no one more so than von Trier himself.