Something Better to Come
For 14 years Hanna Polak has been tracking homeless children in Moscow.
IDFA Feature-Length & DOC U Competitions
Warriors from the North
Søren Steen Jespersen and Nasib Farah infiltrate a cell of holy warriors.
IDFA Mid-Length Competition
Camilla Nielsson follows the bumpy road to Zimbabwe's new constitution.
IDFA Feature-Length Competition
The Look of Silence
Joshua Oppenheimer talks about the reactions to his film at Venice Film Festival.
IDFA Masters
The Future of (Tabloid) Newspapers
Mikala Krogh is a fly on the wall for a whole year at a Danish tabloid in The Newsroom – Off the Record.
A Good Place to Be
Phie Ambo goes to bat for sustainable agriculture in Good Things Await about an idealistic biodynamic farmer.
A Trans Boy Becomes a Man
Elvira Lind's Songs for Alexis acts as a magnifying glass on youthful vulnerability and dawning maturity.
Double Arms Dealing
Andreas Koefoed’s The Arms Drop, about a secret weapons drop in India, is a real-life thriller about betrayal and forgiveness.
A Circus Love Story
A budding romance between two circus heirs fuels the drama of Anders Riis-Hansen's The Circus Dynasty.
War-Raped Women Break the Taboo
Katia Forbert Petersen and Annette Mari Olsen view the consequences of mass raping in Mission Rape – A Tool of War.
Young Lives in Motion
Simon L. Wilmont's The Fencing Champion and Lea H. Mathiesen's Malek Means Angel follow two kids on the cusp of youth.
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