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Jamila – if only I could fly

Jamila was born in a Danish refugee camp eight years ago. Her parents made it to Denmark from Iraq ten years ago. Jamila has had many friends but most only stayed for a short while. Right now Cecilie is her best friend. They flirt with the boys and go to belly dancing at the afterschool club. But Cecilie and her family have been denied asylum and send out of the country. Who will be Jamila's next friend?

ORIGINAL TITLE - Asylbarn - Jamila, Gid jeg kunne flyve
CATEGORY - [wpws url="http://www.dfi.dk/faktaomfilm/film/en/82762.aspx?id=82762?id=82762&p=1&content=basicinfo" selector=".category:eq(0)" user_agent="My Bot" on_error="error_show"][wpws url="http://www.dfi.dk/faktaomfilm/film/en/82762.aspx?id=82762?id=82762&p=1&content=basicinfo" selector=".category:gt(0)" user_agent="My Bot" on_error="error_show"]
DANISH RELEASE - 26.09.2013
RUNNING TIME - 10 min.
DIRECTOR - Jannik Hastrup
SCREENPLAY - Jannik Hastrup, Trine Breum
PRODUCER - Maria Stevnbak Andersen, Marie Bro
PRODUCTION - Dansk Tegnefilm

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