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Faith Hope Afghanistan: Layla’s Melody

Viden om Film

Jens Pedersen, Denmark, 2013

16 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

Layla hasn't seen her mother for four years. Her father was killed in the war and poverty landed Layla in a Kabul orphanage. She is happy to be there, because she gets to go to school and play music, which she loves. Then she gets a message that her mother is coming to visit. Layla is worried that her mother wants to take her back to the village and marry her off.

The film is one of five short films in "Faith Hope Afghanistan", a series of portraits of Afghan children in Kabul and the ups and downs of life in the shadow of war.

BUSTER-priser 2014

29. sep 2014. BØRN & UNGE. Fredag aften løftede BUSTER sløret for vinderne ved dette års festival. Jens Pedersens "Tro Håb Afghanistan: Laylas melodi" vandt for bedste dokumentarfilm.

Dokumentarfilm for børn på BUSTER

18. sep 2014 | BUSTER. Mød instruktørerne, når BUSTER Filmfestival viser dokumentarfilm om børneliv i Afghanistan og Japan.

Tro Håb Afghanistan på tv

06. feb 2014 | PREMIERE. Jens Pedersens dokumentarserie "Tro Håb Afghanistan" følger fem afghanske børns indsats for at skabe et værdigt liv på trods af krigens trængsler. Hele serien kan ses på DR Ultra fra på mandag.

Afghanistan's Dandelion Children

13. nov 2013. Five Afghan children are the heroes of director Jens Pedersen and producer Jakob Gottschau's series "Faith Hope Afghanistan", which follows the determined struggle of Asadagha, Faridullah, Layla,

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11. oct 2013 | IDFA 2013. A unique close-up of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei and the unlikely story of a young Iranian girl who wants to become an astronaut – two of the eight Danish stories to meet an international

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11. oct 2013 | DOKUMENTAR. Otte danske dokumentarfilm har fundet vej til verdens vigtigste dokumentarfestival i Amsterdam, der har udtaget "Ai Weiwei The Fake Case" og "Sepideh" til hovedkonkurrencen for lange dokumentarfilm.

Filmdatabasens redaktion

Tlf. +45 3374 3621

Billed- & Plakatarkivet

Read interview with director Jens Pedersen

Kids & Docs / IDFA 2013
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