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On the Edge

Viden om Film

Christian E. Christiansen, Denmark, 2014

86 min.DK/FeatureDrama

Adrenalin drama to Rotterdam

13. jan 2014 | FESTIVAL. Street car racing, friendship and love are central themes in Christian E. Christiansen's "On the Edge", receiving its world premiere at the Rotterdam film festival.

Danica Curcic is Danish Shooting Star

11. dec 2013 | BERLIN 2014. Danica Curcic, who will appear in no less than four Danish films next year, is selected as one of ten European Shooting Stars to be presented at the Berlin Film Festival 2014.

Production supports since May

10. sep 2013 | PRODUCTION SUPPORTS. Niels Arden Oplev directs his first Danish film in several years, Mikkel Nørgaard is making his second thriller, and there are also a few first-time feature directors on the list. These new feature

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Featuring Danish Shooting Star Danica Curcic. In 2011, Christiansen released his Hollywood debut The Roommate which went straight to first place on the US box office charts.

Featuring Shooting Star 2014 Danica Curcic
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