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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, between two of the city's two thousand churches, you find OpenArms Youth Project - the city's only youth center welcoming gay and transgender teenagers that have decided to come out in the middle of the Bible Belt. These kids are considered misfits, as their wicked lifestyle does not fit into Tulsa's conservative and religious society. Misfits is a film about being yourself, even though that choice may cause great personal costs. The three characters in the film, Larissa, Benny and "D", all go to the center where they find love and support to confront the daily drama they are living because of their sexuality.

How Are You (2011), about the artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, was selected for the Panorama programme at Berlin and was on show at HotDocs.

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RUNNING TIME - 74 min.
DIRECTOR - Jannik Splidsboel
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PRODUCER - Sara Stockmann
PRODUCTION - Sonntag Pictures ApS
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Wide House / Rue Bleue 9 / 75009 Paris / France / t +33 1 53 95 04 64 / widehouse.org