moussa_diallo_cat - Moussa Diallo
Photo credit: 2018 © Moussa Diallo

Sound Tracks of Life – Moussa Diallo on Bass

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Moussa Diallo's greatest teenage dream is to become a musician. He defies his strict and famous father in Mali, runs away and turns up at his mother's place in Copenhagen. With his hip afro look and great musical skills he becomes the most sought-after bass player in Denmark. However, at the peak of his career, he's not at all happy. His crisis takes him to India in search of spirituality, and to Mali to the music that speaks to him and the father, whose acceptance he yearns for. The film takes us on an unusual journey - from the desert of Mali to the funky Seventies and the cool pop of the Eighties - from Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King to bands like "Marquis De Sade" and "Savage Rose". It is a dramatic tale - a modern Odyssey with Moussa Diallo as the guiding star.

Producer and documentary filmmaker Helle Toft Jensen followed Moussa Diallo on his personal and musical journey for nine years.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Moussa Diallo - manden og musikken
CATEGORY - Documentary
DANISH RELEASE - 15.03.2015
RUNNING TIME - 72 min.
DIRECTOR - Helle Toft Jensen

Moussa Diallo, Anne Linnet, Annisette Koppel, Mikkel Nordsø

PRODUCER - Helle Ulsteen
PRODUCTION - Spor Media, Kamoli Films

Kamoli Films / t +45 2143 5238 /

AT IDFA 2015