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Good Things Await

Viden om Film

Phie Ambo, Denmark, 2014

96 min.DK/Documentary

Danish film history: 2010-2019

Biopics and period dramas are trending, as the gender debate rages onscreen and in the film industry. Folk comedies are alive and kicking, Jussi Adler crime films are packing cinemas, while the

Meanwhile, in Danish film …

27. oct 2015 | ROUNDUP. Oscar entry "A War" will be making its North American premiere at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles, "Sparrows" claimed a Silver Hugo in Chicago, and Thomas Vinterberg's "The Commune" got a trailer. Read

Five Danish films to SXSW

04. mar 2015 | FESTIVAL. Three Danish documentaries, a short and an animated short are heading for South by Southwest, opening on 13 March in Austin, Texas.

Foods for the Future – and Noma, too

21. feb 2015. What does a cow pie from a healthy cow look like? Do farmer Niels Stokholm's biodynamic steaks really taste better? Phie Ambo's Good Things Await about Stokholm's biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard,

Snapshots from Berlin

12. feb 2015 | BERLIN. "Antboy – Revenge of the Red Fury" had its international premiere Monday in Generation Kplus. The ten Danish films selected for this year's festival range from tales of superheroes over TV drama to

Two Danish docs to Berlin

21. jan 2015. Jannik Splidsboel's "Misfits" is selected for Berlin's Panorama section, and Phie Ambo's "Good Things Await" opens Culinary Cinema.

Danish Directors Discuss IDFA

25. nov 2014 | IDFA. What does it mean to take part in the world's biggest documentary film festival, IDFA? Why is it so sought after? Read on for three Danish directors' thoughts on the subject.

Overview of the 15 Danish films at IDFA

19. nov 2014 | IDFA. The world's biggest documentary film festival, IDFA in Amsterdam, has a record-breaking 15 Danish films lined up for this year's edition, including a world premiere of "Something Better to Come"

A Good Place to Be

11. nov 2014. In her new film, Phie Ambo goes to bat for sustainable agriculture. "Good Things Await" is about Niels Stokholm, a farmer fighting with the authorities to run his farm – supplier to Copenhagen's

15 Danish films to IDFA

10. oct 2014 | IDFA 2014. Zimbabwe moving toward a new constitution, everyday life in Europe's largest garbage dump, an illegal arms drop over India, young Danish-Somali men engaged in holy war – these real-life stories are

Mikala Krogh and Phie Ambo revealed for IDFA

03. oct 2014 | IDFA 2014. The newspaper crisis and sustainable farming are the topics of two films selected for IDFA 2014. Watch trailers below for "The Newsroom – Off the Record" by Mikala Krogh and "Good Things Await" by

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Phie Ambo co-directed “Family” (2001) which won the Joris Ivens award for best feature documentary. Ambo is also renowned for “Gambler” (2006), about Danish feature film director Nicolas Winding Refn, and “Free the Mind” (2012).

Read interview with Phie Ambo

Read interview with Niels Stokholm

The Female Gaze / IDFA 2014
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