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When Rasmus goes to the family house to visit his dad after many months of no contact, he is met with his worst fear. His dad has momentarily lost his mind, while camping out alone in the family summerhouse, drinking heavily while trying to complete a Sci-fi novel. Rasmus has been trying for a while to break away from his dad's patterns of uncompleted projects and endless meetings with random women, by living by more honest, straight line standards. But as the weekend turns out to be a long needed experience between father and son, Rasmus learns that demons and sense goes hand in hand - and once you embrace this, the real fun can begin.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Ud, spring over, ind
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DANISH RELEASE - September 2013
RUNNING TIME - 26 min.
DIRECTOR - Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen
SCREENPLAY - Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen
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PRODUCER - Kirstine Barfod

Killit Films / t +45 6073 4555 / kirstine@barfoed.net