Shanne -
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Shanne and Her Friends

Shanne is 13. Her best friend Emma has moved to another school and Shanne misses having her around, as her class is very cliquey and Shanne feels alone. Fortunately she is still in touch with Emma, but Shanne feels jealous of Emma's other friends, and she struggles to keep her status as Emma's best friend. After the summer holidays, Shanne hopes she will make new friends. But is she even capable of having more than one friend? And will she be able to sustain her old friendship with Emma in a time when everything is changing? We get uniquely close to Shanne in this film about having friends and creating your own identity in the difficult early teen years.

Read interview with director Ulla Søe

Kids & Docs / IDFA 2013
ORIGINAL TITLE - Shanne og veninderne
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RUNNING TIME - 38 min.
DIRECTOR - Ulla Søe, Sussie Weinold
SCREENPLAY - Ulla Søe, Sussie Weinold
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PRODUCER - Mette Mailand
PRODUCTION - Plus Pictures Aps
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Plus Pictures ApS / Vester Voldgade 83, 1. / DK-1552 København V / t +45 3311 1210 / f +45 3311 1221 / /