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Something Better to Come

Ten-year-old Yula has but one dream - to escape the largest garbage dump in Europe and lead a normal life. For 14 years, Oscar-nominated director Hanna Polak follows Yula as she grows up in the forbidden territory of Svalka, the largest garbage dump in Europe, 13 miles from the Kremlin in Putin's Russia. 'Something better to come' is Yula's story and is a dramatic cinema vérité story about coming of age, and maturing to the point of taking destiny into one's own hands. It is a universal story of hope, courage, and life.

Hanna Polak has directed, produced and shot several films that have won international awards, including the Oscar-nominated, IDA-winner and two times Emmy-nominated The Children of Leningradsky (2014).

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Competition for Feature-length Documentary + DOC U Competition / IDFA 2014
ORIGINAL TITLE - Børnene på Putins losseplads
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RUNNING TIME - 94 min.
DIRECTOR - Hanna Polak
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PRODUCER - Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
PRODUCTION - Danish Documentary Production
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Films Transit International Inc. / 21 Place Epernay / Ville Lorraine / J6Z 4K9 Quebec / Canada / t 1 514 844 3358 / f 1 514 844 7298 / /