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Songs for Alexis

A timeless love story about two American teenagers and their struggle to find both love and an individual identity in a grown-up world. Ryan is 18 and a very talented musician. Four years ago he came out as a transgender person and began the difficult transformation from girl to boy. Now Ryan has fallen head over heels in love with the beautiful and enigmatic Alexis. However, her parents' attitude towards their relationship forces Alexis to make the heartbreaking choice between her family and the man she loves.

Eliva Lind graduated from film school in Cape Town. Amongst her earlier works is a documentary web series Under Copenhagen. Songs for Alexis premiered at Hot Docs 2014.

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Panorama + DOC U Competition / IDFA 2014
ORIGINAL TITLE - Songs for Alexis
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RUNNING TIME - 74 min.
DIRECTOR - Elvira Lind
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PRODUCER - Julie E. Pedersen, Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes
PRODUCTION - Copenhagen Bombay
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Copenhagen Bombay Sales ApS / Refshalevej 147, 1. / DK-1432 København K / t +45 7242 0800 / f +45 3296 1040 /