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The Contest

Being a stranger doesn't necessarily mean to be coming from the farthest away. Karl and his mother are about to learn this when they move from the west coast of Denmark to the ethnically, and religiously, mixed area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Sawsan, a young Muslim girl in Karl's new class, takes him under her wings and tries to integrate him into the big city, with all its slang and hipness. Sawsan is far more experienced and blunt than you would normally see amongst her peers, but also in comparison with Karl. That is, only until her big dream comes true and one of her own songs is selected for the Danish version of the Eurovision Song Contest for kids. Sawsan's father says no, but Karl has other plans.

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STATUS - Released
RUNNING TIME - 95 min.
DIRECTOR - Martin Miehe-Renard
SCREENPLAY - Gitte Løkkegaard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Hans Hansen
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PRODUCER - Marcella L. Dichmann, Henrik Møller-Sørensen
PRODUCTION - ASA Film Production

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