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Gentle Pain, The

A film director fights his way through a blizzard to a house that once belonged to a world-famous author, Thorkild Hansen (1927-1989). The director breaks into the house and steals copious amounts of material he takes with him to a hideout in a small Swedish cinema. The director spends months in a desperate struggle to come to grips with the vast material as he attempts to turn it into the poetic, painful film he has dreamed of making for so many years. The peace and quiet in which he expects to work is interrupted by a Swedish woman, who has also hidden away in the town since the breakup of her marriage.

Produced by Posthus Teatret, established in 1973 as the first art cinema in Denmark and the first company in Scandinavia to import films by directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Wim Wenders and Peter Greenaway.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Den milde smerte
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STATUS - Completed
RUNNING TIME - 280 min.
DIRECTOR - Carsten Brandt
SCREENPLAY - Carsten Brandt
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PRODUCER - Tom Winther, Ulf Berggren
PRODUCTION - Posthus Teatret
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Posthus Teatret ApS / Rådhusstræde 1 / DK-1466 København K / t +45 3311 6611 / f +45 3313 3112 / /