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Newsroom, The – Off the Record

The world of printed media is threatened by the financial crisis as circulation figures are falling and the media corporations' economies are faltering. The Danish media is marked by the crisis as well - and also Ekstra Bladet is going through the worst crisis in the newspaper's hundred years of publishing. The readers have gone online and are failing the printed newspaper. And no one has yet cracked the code on how to capitalize on news on the web. Every day Denmark's old watchdog, Ekstra Bladet, compete with other newspapers for the readers and the good stories, the battle is fierce and in the end only the strongest will survive. The film is a portrait of a tabloid newspaper entering a new era.

The Newsroom — Off the Record is Mikala Krogh’s 12th documentary film. A Normal Life (2012) was selected for competition at IDFA.

Article by Demetrios Matheou

Of Media and Men / IDFA 2014
ORIGINAL TITLE - Ekstra Bladet uden for citat
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RUNNING TIME - 97 min.
DIRECTOR - Mikala Krogh
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PRODUCER - Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
PRODUCTION - Danish Documentary Production
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Danish Documentary Production ApS / Kvæsthusgade 5C, 1. sal / DK-1254 København K / t +45 2616 2535 / /