We Are Journalists

A documentary film about the difficult conditions of Iranian journalists inside and outside the country and based on the personal story of the director. The film lays bare not only Ahmad's personal pain and suffering in his relentless fight for freedom of expression, but also the plight of many Iranian journalists who lost their livelihoods when the newspapers they worked for were banned.

Ahmad Jalali Farahani worked as a journalist and editor at Mehr News Agency in Iran. He has lived in Denmark since 2010 where his documentary Sofar was screened at CPH:DOX.

ORIGINAL TITLE - Vi er journalister
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RUNNING TIME - 85 min.
DIRECTOR - Ahmad Jalali Farahani
SCREENPLAY - Frank Piasecki Poulsen
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PRODUCER - Anja Dalhoff
PRODUCTION - Danish Doc Production
INTERNATIONAL SALES - Journeyman Pictures / 4-6 High Street / KT7 0RY Thames Ditton / Great Britain / t +44 208 398 4616 / info@journeyman.tv / journeyman.uk