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When Animals Dream

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Jonas Alexander Arnby, Denmark, 2014

84 min.DK/FeatureHorror

No Safe Choices

11. may 2017 | INTERVIEW. Ditte Milsted, Denmark's participant in this year’s Producer on the Move network at the Cannes Festival, is thrilled about the role that she and her company, Profile Pictures, have been playing in

Ditte Milsted is Producer on the Move

05. may 2017 | CANNES 2017. Ditte Milsted of Profile Pictures is selected as one of twenty promising European producers to participate in the networking platform Producers on the Move during the Cannes Festival. Among Milsted

Robert Awards winners 2015

02. feb 2015. "Nymphomaniac: Director's Cut" was the big winner at the Danish Film Academy's annual awards ceremony in Copenhagen.

Werewolf Was Well Received

02. jun 2014 | AFTER CANNES. Denmark does not have much of a tradition for werewolf movies, but first-time feature director Jonas Alexander Arnby more than held his own at this year's Cannes Festival with "When Animals Dream".

Danish films at Cannes

14. may 2014 | CANNES. "The Salvation" premieres at midnight on 17 May, while "When Animals Dream" meets its international audience on 19 May. Here's the full summary of Danish films at the Cannes Festival 2014 plus links

The Werewolf Within

09. may 2014. As Jonas Alexander Arnby throws himself into the horror genre in his debut feature "When Animals Dream", the director stresses the importance of realism and believability in the story of a teenage

Horror film to Cannes

21. apr 2014 | CANNES. Jonas Alexander Arnby's first feature "When Animals Dream " is selected for the Cannes Festival's Semaine de la Critique.

Production supports since May

10. sep 2013 | PRODUCTION SUPPORTS. Niels Arden Oplev directs his first Danish film in several years, Mikkel Nørgaard is making his second thriller, and there are also a few first-time feature directors on the list. These new feature

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Billed- & Plakatarkivet

First feature by Jonas Alexander Arnby. When Animals Dream is produced by Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen – the company of Christoffer Boe.

Read interview with director Jonas Alexander Arnby

Cannes Critics' Week
Feature Debut
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